Team Members

Ron Hagan

Ron and his wife Jenn are the Founders of Best Shot. Ron is a retired 30 year LE veteran and 37 year FD member. He is a NRA and USCCA Firearms Instructor and a USCCA Training Counselor for Delaware, Maryland and Arizona. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to give him a call or email.

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Jenn Hagan

Jenn is a career educator, still teaching full time at the high school level. She is a co-owner and our training coordinator. She is a USCCA firearms instructor that will do both private and group lessons. Send her an email for any questions.


William “Hank” Rickards

Hank and his wife Jeannie are the Co-Founders of Best Shot. Hank still has a full time job along with helping to run Best Shot. He’s a 3 Tour Marine Combat veteran, our in-house military expert and a USCCA firearms instructor. 

Lee McDaniel

Lee is a certified Glock armorer and USCCA firearms instructor that does private and group lessons. He is our in house AR specialist. He is able to do armory work, project builds, and answer questions related to both modern and military firearms. He is in the shop most weekdays so give him a call, email or stop by.

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Garry Tilton

Garry is a USCCA firearms instructor that does private and group lessons. He is currently one of our lead instructors teaching Concealed Carry courses for both Maryland and Delaware.  He also teaches Defensive Handgun and AR15 fundamentals courses.

Rusty Parker

Rusty is a retired law enforcement officer with significant experience as a firearms and explosives trainer.  Not only is he  one of our primary concealed carry instructors but he’s also our in house pistol optics specialist and instructor.  While Rusty is primarily an instructor for us, you might see him on the retail side from time to time or at a show promoting Best Shot.  

Storm Hastings

Storm has been with Best Shot as a USCCA instructor since 2018. He is now our full time lead Range Safety Officer. He has over 20 years experience in competitive shooting and hand to hand combat instruction. He is our resident revolver enthusiast with a wealth of knowledge to share!


Nick Romano

Nick is a Marine Veteran who served as a Machine Gunner and Diplomatic Security in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a USCCA Firearms Instructor and well-versed in military weaponry. He will be working as a Range Safety Officer at Best Shot and providing a new perspective to our sales floor. To contact him stop by the shop or give us a call.


Rick Culver

Rick is a retired 31 year veteran of law enforcement, serving with the Salisbury (MD) PD, and then with the FBI. His LE experience includes SWAT, as an assault team member, sniper, and paramedic. He also served on the Special Protective Detail for the U.S. Attorney General, and as a Bureau certified firearms Instructor for over 20 years, in the field and with the Firearms Training Unit at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. Since retiring from the FBI, he worked as a Flight Paramedic with ChristianaCare LifeNet. Rick is one of our Range Safety Officers and a USCCA Instructor who is available for private lessons and teaches our Basic Handgun, CCDW, AR-15 Fundamentals and Emergency First Aid courses.

Allen Barnes

Allen retired after 30 years in emergency medical services, 25 of which as a career paramedic. He coordinates the training offerings at Best Shot.  In addition to doing private lessons, he teaches various classes, including concealed carry for both Delaware and Maryland, as well as Basic Handgun classes.  Allen also can be found periodically working as a Safety Officer on the range.  Feel free to contact him by email.

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Gregg McDonald

Gregg is part of Best Shots Range Safety Officer Team, as well as one of our USCCA instructors. Gregg has been shooting his whole life and was 2018 National Champion Vintage Sniper. You’ll see him on the sales floor or in the range 3 days a week.