MD Wear and Carry/DE and Multi State CCDW Oct. 26th/27th

This is the Maryland Wear & Carry course. A two-day 16-hour course which meets the necessary requirements of classroom and hands on instruction for your Maryland Wear & Carry permit application as well as Delaware if needed.

Day one: Students will participate in classroom instruction to include Gun Owner Responsibilities, Safe Handling of Firearms, Proper storage of Firearms and Ammunition, Causes of Firearms Accidents, Legal use of Deadly Force, Mental Preparation, and Conflict Avoidance.

Live Fire: Live Fire training is also a requirement which will include Range Safety, shooting fundamentals, clearing malfunctions, a 100-round course of fire and a 25-round Maryland qualification course of fire.

Day two: Students will participate in classroom instruction related to Maryland Laws, Firearms maintenance, Concealed Carry tools and ways to Maintain Firearms Proficiency.  Each student will also participate in several scenario-based shoot or no shoot situations specifically designed for Concealed Carry using our Ti Simulator and our expert instructor’s evaluation of each scenario.

This course also meets the Delaware Concealed Carry Requirements.


MD Wear and Carry


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